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Olympic Season Preview

Well here we are, once again, the start of a new season, and for Olympic one that is still lacking something...a Central League Title. Will Wests get their hands on another victory of the Central League in which to add to their cabinets? Or can the Boys in blue fight their way to the top for their first ever Central League trophy? Will 2008, be a year to follow or a time to lead? Here’s a quick review of 2007: Olympic finished in 3rd place in the CL only to be bettered by Miramar [2nd] and Winners Western Suburbs. Of the 18 games played, Olympic Won 10, Drew 4, and Lost 4, a record that saw them come out winners 54% of the time. Olympic Finished on 34 points, 8 points shy of Wests who finished on 42, seeing us losing to only Lower Hutt and Miramar on all four meetings with an embarrassing record of goals scored - 5 and goals conceded - 15 between in those four games alone. The Chatham Cup saw us do no better being eliminated by our Rivals Miramar 3-1 in only the Third Round. 2007 for Olympic was far from a glory year, but rather one with ups and downs, spirits were high, emotion was well directed, and the players seemed like family, in a season that saw Olympic reach for the moon but only fall amongst the stars. 2008: The story so far: I feel that this year Olympic is in for one of they’re best ever. Players hopes are high, and they’re skills have been given the boot to match. Hard and precision training has seen Olympic to the start of this years CL, and hopefully will carry them throughout, right till the end. Hilton Petone was a good indication of this. Although the club did not walk away victors of the tournament, we could see the potential that the club possessed which has left marks in the supporters who also believe this is the year of ‘The Greeks.’ The Players: This year the assortment of talent seems to be well spread throughout the team, and well directed. Our striking force consists of Anthony Neonakis and Mickey Malivuk. We all know that when switched on both can cause some serious trouble for Defences and teams alike. In the Midfield we can look for an eye-catching group, which consist of Mikey Halikias, Simon George (c), Jimmy Haidakis, John Gerondis, Jared Curtis and George Barbarouses, all contesting for a spot in the middle of the park for this year. With the talent that this group possesses, we can look to a well formed and level minded midfield to guide us through the season. The Defence can be described as mouthwatering. Jamie O’Conner, Barry Lewis (vc), Tahl Theodorou, and Chaz Lawrence, head the Defence with what seems to be a solid and impenetrable force at the back, (Hope I don’t eat this one later on) capped of with Tony Jamieson and Sasha Nathu between the sticks. We can also look forward to some of the 2nd team players making their way through the ranks, progressing up to the first team. Some of those players are, Wade Pulford, John Carras, Derek Waldergrave, Shaun O’Neill, and Paul Kothroulas. In retrospect my thoughts on Olympics Season in 2008 will see the club in tight contention for its First Title, and hopefully bring one home for the record books. I trust that the supporters will get behind the team, win or lose, and be there to urge them on in their hunt for their first elusive Central League victory.

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