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Sky Sport to screen ASB Premiership

Sky Sport to screen ASB Premiership

SKY Sport is proud to announce a deal with NZ Football to produce and broadcast selected matches during the ASB Premiership 2015-2016 season, along with a weekly 30 minute highlights show.


“Football continues to grow in popularity throughout the country and SKY Sport are excited to be showcasing the domestic game, which features established and evolving rivalries between cities and regions” said Richard Last, Director of Sport at SKY Television.

New Zealand Football CEO Andy Martin hailed the deal as a major step in the national body’s work raising the profile of football in this country.

“By getting the ASB Premiership on television regularly, we increase our ability to showcase the pathway available to our players and we can begin to create local heroes for our young players to aspire to on their journey towards the All Whites,” Martin said.

SKY Sport's coverage of the ASB Premiership begins on Thursday 12 November and concludes with the Grand Final on Thursday 10 March.

The selected matches are listed below.

Rnd 1 Waitakere United v Auckland City Sunday 8 November 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 1 Auckland City v HBUFC Thursday 12 November 2015 7.35pm
Rnd 1 WaiBOP v Team Wellington Sunday 15 November 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 2 Waitakere United v WaiBOP Thursday 19 November 2015 7.35pm
Rnd 2 Canterbury United v Team Wellington Sunday 22 November 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 3 WaiBOP v HBUFC Thursday 26 November 2015 7.35pm
Rnd 3 Auckland City v Canterbury United Sunday 29 November 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 4 Phoenix v Waitakere United Thursday 3 December 2015 7.35pm
Rnd 4 Southern United v WaiBOP Sunday 6 December 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 5 Canterbury United v WaiBOP Thursday 10 December 2015 7.35pm
Rnd 5 Team Wellington v Southern United Sunday 13 December 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 6 Waitakere United v HBUFC Thursday, 17 December 2015 7.35pm
Rnd 6 WaiBOP v Auckland City Sunday 20 December 2015 4.35pm
Rnd 7 Auckland City Southern United Sunday 10 January 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 8 WaiBOP v Southern United Thursday 14 January 2016 7.35pm
Rnd 8 Waitakere United v Phoenix Sunday 17 January 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 9 WaiBOP v Waitakere United Thursday 21 January 2016 7.35pm
Rnd 9 Auckland City v Phoenix Sunday 24 January 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 4 Auckland City v Team Wellington Thursday 28 January 2016 7.35pm
Rnd 10 Canterbury United v Phoenix Saturday 30 January 2016 4.00pm
Rnd 10 Waitakere United v Southern United Sunday 31 January 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 11 Auckland City v Waitakere United Thursday 4 February 2016 7.35pm
Rnd 11 WaiBOP v Canterbury United Sunday 7 February 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 12 Waitakere United v Team Wellington Thursday 11 February 2016 7.35pm
Rnd 12 Canterbury United v Auckland City Sunday 14 February 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 13 Southern United v Auckland City Thursday 18 February 2016 7.35pm
Rnd 13 Waitakere United v Canterbury United Sunday 21 February 2016 4.35pm
Rnd 14 Phoenix v Team Wellington Saturday 26 February 2016 4.15pm
Rnd 14 Auckland City WaiBOP Sunday 28 February 2016 4.35pm

SEMI-FINAL 1: 1st place v 4th place Thursday, 3 March 2016 7.35pm

SEMI-FINAL 2: 2nd place v 3rd place Sunday, 6 March 2016 4.35pm

GRAND FINAL: Winner SF2 Winner SF1 Thursday, 10 March 2016 7.35pm

Fixtures & Results


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