​​​​​​​DIVISION 3

​​​​​​​THE TEAM 2023

Coach:      Paul Kotrotsos

- Hinewai Bell

- Sarah Bloomfield

- Mea Brown

- India Burns

- Scarlett Cranshaw

- Julia Henderson

- Kayla Henderson

- Olivia Jackson

- Charlee Keller

- Ariana Kotrotsos

- Elli Pappafloratos

- Jasmine Quinn

​​​​​​​- Bella Redshaw-Nalder

- Harriet Smith

- Hattie Vincent

- Stella Yiavasis


​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 2016 Wellington Olympic Women's came on to the scene, starting in Division 3 with Coach Nathan Greig, supported by Spiros Androutsos, taking on a massive role to bring a team together.  

By the end of the first half of the season,  the team had been promoted to Division 2 having gone through unbeaten in Division 3, finishing the season second on the table by one point, a promotion to Division 1, and a phenomenal season.  

2017 was not to see a continuation of our success as the majority of the 2016 college students headed off to Universities around New Zealand and the team suffered without the speed and fitness the younger players brought to the game and with the playing numbers dwindled, the team disbanded at the end of that season.​​​​​​​


After a five year hiatus, the Women's registered a new team in 2022 with the hard work of Ariana Kotrotsos and Dad, Paul to pull a team together.  The members had a great season, and although the results did not reflect how well they did nor how much they improved from their first kickoff.  

We're thrilled that our ladies are back for another season, and we're looking for more exciting and entertaining football from this great team.



R1   - 23/04:    v Seatoun Seagals                    Draw: 1-1           Goalscorer:   Jasmine Quinn

R2  - 30/04:    v UHFC 2nd XI                           Loss:   1-7          Goalscorer:  Bella Redshaw-Nalder

R3  - 07/05:    v UHCF Ladyhawks                  Loss:   0-4

R5  - 21/05      v LHFC Reserves                       Loss:   2-1          Goalscorer:  Hazel; own goal

R4  - 24/05    v  Naenae Dragonflies             Win:    11-1         Goalscorers:  Sophie  x4; Jasmine Quinn x2; Hattie Vincent x2; Harriet Smith; Olivia Jackson; Mea Brown

R6  - 28/05    v  Miramar Sirens                       Loss:   2-1          Goalscorer:  Jasmine Quinn

R7  - 04/06   v  IBU Whai Repo                       Loss:   0-3         GAME DEFAULTED

R8  - 11/06     v  IBU Orcas                                 Loss:   2-3          Goalscorers:  Jasmine Quinn; Harriet Smith

R9  - 18/06    v  NW Blaze                                  Loss:   3-4         ​​​​​​​Goalscorers:  Harriet Smith; Olivia Jackson

R10 - 25/06   v  Wests Reserves                       Draw: 3-3         Goalscorers: Hazel x2; Harriet Smith

R11  - 01/07    v  Wgtn Utd Rubies                   Loss:   2-3         Goalscorers:  Hattie Vincent; Olivia Jackson 

R12 - 09/07   v  Tawa Tawny Ports                  Win:    3-2         Goalscorers:  Hattie Vincent; Sophie; Mea Brown

R13 - 16/07    v  BNU Salty Pidgins                  Loss:   2-5          ​​​​​​​Goalscorers:  Sophie; own goal

R14 - 23/07   v  Seatoun Seagals                     ​​​​​​​POSTPONED

R15 - 30/07   v  Wainui Women's                     Loss:  0-3         GAME DEFAULTED

R16 - 06/08  v  HCFC Ladyhawks                    Loss:   2-9         ​​​​​​​Goalscorers:  Mea Brown; Sophie

R17 - 13/08   v  Naenae Dragonflies                Loss:   1-5          Goalscorers:  Jasmine Quinn

R18 - 20/08  v LHFC Reserves                          Loss:   1-4          Goalscorers:  Mea Brown

R4 - 24th MAY

In icy conditions at Wakefield Park, Olympic's Women's team took the field for their catch-up game against the Naenae Dragonflies.

Having suffered a close loss the previous Sunday to the LHFC Reserves, our ladies were hungry for their first win that had painfully eluded them to date.

With their loyal supporters to push them on, Olympic dominated the game early and never let up.  With three goals netted in the first half and no response from Naenae, the team were already in a celebratory mood. 

The second half had Olympic change into higher gear as they slotted goal after goal.  Naenae remained competitive but this was definitely Olympic's time to shine and finally put those three precious points on the table with a massive 11-1 win to finish the game.  WELL DONE OLYMPIC!