Wellington Olympic's u17 team had a massive debuting season last year, ending as the reigning 2022 Champions of the Mixed Capital/Regional League.

The U17s grade is fast and competitive, progressing players into the high energy levels of the senior football arena.  However, we also have our more social division where players really just want to get together with their friends, play and have fun. 

Skills, techniques and strategies are all at the fore, as well as continuing on the emphasis of enjoying the game we are all so passionate about.

Some u17s progress to our u19s team who play a series of tournaments, leading up to the National Tournament held annually in and by Napier.  

We welcome all youth (15 and up) to join us for another incredible year, regardless of whether you are competitive, or the social player.  Our licenced coaches are looking forward to you jumping on board for a great season.

If a parent would like to manage the team or can help with transport, please let us know.  We are always grateful for all parent support with teams.

SEASON STARTS 22nd April through to 2nd/3rd September.  Training times will be advised direct from the coaches.

Registrations are open and fees are $150, payable on registration.

Uniforms will be provided by the Club - you need to supply your own playing socks (royal blue), shin pads and boots.


For any queries relating to the u17s, please contact Samuel Mitrakas


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​​​​​​​U17s 2023

REAR: L-R:  Blake Stade;  Alfie Downing;  Luke Carter;  Matt Hoffman;  Nysi Soulis;  Arthur Bradford;  Will Hassed;  Toby Kearns;                          Thomas van der Hoorn;  Charlie Benbow;  Ollie Butcher;  Samuel Mitrakas (Coach)

FRONT: L-R:  Alex Fraser;  Dominic Shepherd;  Toby Hassed;  George Doyle;  Florian Ashby;  Ali Mefleh

Absent:  Jag Willers;  Alex Beggs;  Lukas Hales;  Kahu Edmond-Smaille; Sam Gordon

Wellington Olympic and IBU have joined up to form one team under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The team will be wearing the Olympic shirts and shorts, with IBU's yellow socks.


R1  - 14/05:   v Wests Black                         Win:   3-0    Goalscorers:   Arthur Bradford, Toby Hassed; Florian Ashby

R2  - 07/05:   v Wellington United                Win:  16-0    Goalscorers:   Alex Beggs x4; Alfie Downing x 3; George Doyle x 2; Kahu Edmond-Smaille x2; Lukas Hales; Alex Fraser; Florian Ashby;  Charlie Benbow; Thomas van der Hoorn 

R3  - 14/05:   v Wests Gavs Gladiators        Win:   6-1    Goalscorers:   Sam Gordon x2; Alex Fraser; Florian Ashby; Kahu Edmond-Smaille; OG


R5  - 31/05:   v WPX Women's                     Win:   8-0     Goalscorers:   Nic Ball x2; Zach Hassall x2; Alfie Downing; Sam Gordon; Leo Gun; Thomas van der Hoorn

R6  - 28/05:   v Western Suburbs                  Loss: 1-2     Goalscorer:     Nic Ball

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​17 MAY 2023

This year we have formed an alliance u17s team with Island Bay United.

The team started off in Capital Regional A and, having coming away with 3/3 wins against two Wests' sides and Wellington United  by massive scores, there have been discussions between ourselves, representatives from IBU and Capital Football, resulting in a promotion for the team to the Capital Development League (CDL), the top league in the region, with our first game being played tomorrow.

The promotion will be a step up for the lads, but it is the perfect step for their development into senior football and the goals both we and IBU have for this group with the aim of playing in the National Youth League at the end of the year.  So far the attitude of the players has been really positive and their eagerness to grow is exciting to see.

31 MAY

We started off our CDL promotion with requiring a catch-up game against the WPX Women's team which was postponed, requiring us to pick up our first game against West's last Sunday.  Having already played two Wests' sides in the Capital Regional league, we knew going into the game, this would be the toughest of them all.

The boys started off well  and midway through we won a penalty.  Nic Ball confidently slotted it to the roof of the net to give us a 1-nil lead.  In disappointing fashion, we conceded with the last play of the half to go into halftime 1-1.  We were the better side in the second half, but Wests took their chances and scored off a set piece to give them a 2-1 lead and all three points.  The boys were excellent regardless of the result and proved why they deserved to compete in the top league.  We'll get better as games go on, I have no doubt of that.

This coming Sunday we have the big derby against Miramar who are top and undefeated, so it's another challenge I'm sure the boys will love.

Tonight we met up with the WPX Women's team for our catch-up game.  We came away with an exciting 8-0 win due to a convincing performance with chances well taken.  This result should buoy our lads for Sunday's big game.