(Greek Orthodox Youth Association of New Zealand)

GOYANZ was formed as an incorporated society in 1967 to meet the needs of Wellington' s Greek youth in cultural and sporting activities, including Greek Dancing, which groups also represented the Greek Community in many non-Greek charitable events.  GOYANZ is the parent body of the Greek netball and football club, Wellington Olympic AFC, and continues to be representative of the Greek Community and the Greek Orthodox Church in Wellington.

Olympic began life as a football club in 1953 under the banner of Apollon Assoc. Apollon later changed its name in 1959 to CYFC (Christian Youth Football Club) playing under the banner of the Greek Orthodox Church and affiliated itself to GOYANZ in 1967.  In 1983 the club’s name was changed once again to Wellington Olympic AFC as it is today. The football club is run by a subcommittee of GOYANZ.  Other subcommittees also under the GOYANZ umbrella include educational and youth groups involved in local community affairs. Current membership is 500+.  A breakdown of current activities that GOYANZ is involved in:

  •     Junior Football under the banner of Olympic (currently 12 (u7-u13) teams with separate        u4-u6 members)
  •     Senior Soccer under the banner of Olympic (5 men's teams plus 1 women's team)
  •     Greek Youth Radio programme (run by GOYANZ)
  •     "Ta Matia tou Kosmou" (bi-monthly magazine relevant to todays Greek youth)
  •     The Greek Community Childrens Playgroup
  •     Other Youth & Hellenic activities, including Greek dancing and helping the Greek                  community during functions and events 
  •     Comprehensive website covering all the above: www.goyanz.org.nz

GOYANZ has a diverse range of interests. Its goal is to maintain and foster the Hellenic culture in New Zealand’s ever changing society. GOYANZ sees itself as an active member of Wellington's sporting and cultural community. All funds raised benefit young people and children in the local Greek community.For more information please contact GOYANZ: info@goyanz.org.nz.  

Greek Orthodox Youth Assn of NZ Inc

The parent body of the Greek Community's sporting bodies

Apollon - 1953-1958

CYFC - 1959-1982

Wellington Olympic AFC - from 1983