Our 3-day July Term 2 Holiday Programme was yet another success and a very positive and enjoyable time for the kids. Luckily with the fortunate weather, we were able to make the most of being outside on the turf.

Coached by Dave Graham and Sam Mitrakas, the kids were in a positive learning environment where a lot of football knowledge and skill were gained. Each day was topped off with a 'World Cup' tournament which brought the best out of the kids.

A big thanks goes to all the kids for their time and showing what it's like to play for Olympic!

Congratulations to the winners of our signed 1st Team (Central League) tops:

Amalia and Olympia Halikias, Declan Willard, Kingsley McGuigan and Alex Houtas.

These players showed massive amounts of effort, quality and the highest level of attitude.​​​​​​​