Mondays -

Wakefield Park:  4pm-6pm

570 Adelaide Road, Berhampore

Wednesdays -

Akau Tangi Centre:   5pm-6.30pm  (Formerly the ASB Sports Centre)

72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie


A word from the Coach.....

U10 Eros is a team of fun and enthusiastic youngsters who love to play football.  Many of the team are new to the Club this year, so it is going to be a busy few weeks getting to know one another and learning to play as a team. 

The kids are always keen to get to training and kick a ball around which is great to see. They also are interested in watching the first team games, being ball boys and meeting the players. Who knows, we may have a few future Olympic first team stars in our team! 

Coached by Olympic Reserves Goalkeeper and Captain, Chris Kotrotsos, the season is shaping up to be a goodie!




  • 7-aside games
  • 2 Games played per weekend
  • Goalkeepers now established
  • More football rules being introduced
  • Refining technical skills
  • Understanding positions
  • Working on game strategies
  • Players working as a team
  • Games becoming competitive
  • Results recorded but not visible to the public
  • Emphasis continues to be on the players having fun


Linden Park

1.  v Onslow Izards  -  Field 1  - 10am

2.  v Tawa Dragons  -  Field 2  -  10.35am



George Busby

Eli Caddick

​​​​​​​Emilio dos Santos

Julian Fletcher

Bowey Herbison

Cody Marshall

Koben McKenna

Jack Spite

Harrison Sutton

​​​​​​​Kahu Williams​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Round 1

R1   29/4      v   Island Bay Marlins             Win    6-1                            R2   29/4      v   WU Galaxy                         Win     3-2

R3   6/5        v   Miramar Falcons               Win    5-1                             R4   6/5        v   WKAFC Kakapo               Win     1-0

R5   13/5       v   Wests Lions                        Win    1-0                            R6  13/5        v   Onslow Omars                  Loss    1-3

R7  20/5       v   Onslow Churchills            Draw  1-1                             R8   20/5      v   WU Galaxy                         Loss     1-4

R9  27/5       v   Miramar Falcons               Game Abandoned          R10 27/5       v   WKAFC Kakapo               Game Abandoned

Round 2

R1   3/6         v   Miramar Eagles                  Loss   0-4                            R2   3/6       v   Onslow Omars                  Win      2-1

R3  10/6       v   Onslow Amapurs               Draw  2-2                            R4   3/6       v   BNU Dynamos                  Draw    2-2

R5  17/6       v   IBU Tigersharks                   Loss   2-3                            R6   17/6      v   Wests Jaguars                   Loss     2-4

R7  24/6      v   Tawa Phoenix                      Loss   2-4                            R8  24/6     v   Onslow Omars                   Loss     0-4

R9  1/7         v   Onslow Amapurs                Win    1-0                            R10 1/7        v   BNU Dynamos                   Draw    1-1    

Round 3

R1   15/7     v   Tawa Taniwha                      Win     1-0                             R2  15/7      v   Onslow Amapurs              Win     2-1

R3   22/7    v   Seatoun Comets                 Win     5-1                             R4  22/7     v   Onslow Simlas                   Game Abandoned

R5   29/7    v   WUBNU Karearea               Win    3-2                             R6  29/7     v   WU Galaxy                          Win     5-1

R6   5/8      v   Wests Lions                          Loss    0-3                            R7   5/8       v   Onslow Amapurs              Win     3-2

Winners Round 3

​​​​​​​Round 4

R1   12/8    v  WKAFC Hokioi                        Loss   0-2                             R2   12/8     v   Tawa Taniwha                   Loss    3-4

R3   19/8   v   IBU Tigersharks                     Draw  1-1                              R3   12/8      v   Onslow Omars                 Win     3-1

Goal Scoring Tally

Jack Spite                       8

Harrison Sutton            5

Eli Caddick                     4

George Busby                1

Cody Marshall                1

Bowie Herbison            1

Player of the Day / Captains

Week 1:                  Jack Spite

Week 2:                  Harrison Sutton

Week 3:                  George Busby

Week 4:                  Julian Fletcher


20 May:

Four weeks into the season and the U10 Eros are off to a flying start in the Wellington Red grade. 

5 Wins, 1 Draw, 2 Losses.

Highlights have definitely been Jack Spite and co scoring heaps of goals, as well as some valiant performances between the sticks from Cody, Koben and Julian (not biased because the coach is a goalkeeper). 

A list of this season’s goal scorers and players of the day are recorded under the weekly results (thanks Tim). I hope you have cashed in on the Fresko nuggets and chips already, they’re the best in the Eastern suburbs! 

A few thank you’s are definitely due on behalf of me.

Firstly to Johnny Marshall, who is always keen to help out.  He’s the man. 

Secondly to co-coach Leo Gunn for recently putting his hand up to take the team while I go away. Leo is a skilful ball player who plays for our Olympic Reserves (Capital Premier) with me. Learning from Paul Ifill for years in the sunny Wairarapa, Leo has a high football IQ and will be an asset for the kids to learn off.

Lastly, thanks to all the parents that bring the kids to training every day - they appreciate it and so do I! 

Shout out to all the players in the team for coming out the gates hot! I can already tell it’s going to be a fun season as we keep learning to play together and winning games! 


​​​​​​​7 August:

Interesting last few weeks with a couple of second games called off due to worsening weather and no shows, with one game last weekend turning into parents vs kids, which was heaps of fun and a good laugh.

With the games we have played recently, the Olympic Eros have continued to improve our passing game, team work, general game awareness and skills, with almost the whole team now on the score sheet.

Coach Chris (Tofa) has jetted off on a European recruitment drive/holiday, so the kids are on watch to step up, before the next big U10 find in Europe jets in to shake things up (pending transfer fund sausage sizzles and visa clearance).

Looking forward to the next few weeks and hoping for a good run of games, as the boys look to close out the season with some good momentum, development and team work.

Johnny Marshall