U10s Kronos are doubly lucky to have father-son co-coaches for the team.

Adam Bertos came up the ranks of the Club from his own junior years, playing for Olympic's 1st team as a teenager for two seasons before heading off to London for a number of years.  He is the current Player-Coach of our Senior Men's 4th team who are looking at promotion to Capital 1 next year. 

To assist him, George, father of Adam and former All White's and Wellington Phoenix player Leo, has a lot of knowledge and experience to offer our Kronos juniors, both as a former 1st team player for the Club and as former Coach of Olympic's Senior Men's 1st team and U19s youth tournament teams.

Together, this father-son team is steadily progressing our Kronos players in their football journey; continuing to build on the foundations of their football skills as well as self-awareness and game tactics.  The players are loving the experience as they fine tune their technical abilities, and ensuring the players are having fun is one of George and Adam's top priorities. 

We're looking forward to a great season for Kronos.  Regardless if they win or lose, we know these players love the game, are giving it everything they have, and show great sportsmanship.  Olympic is looking good for the future.


Mondays -

Wakefield Park:  4pm-6pm

570 Adelaide Road, Berhampore

Wednesdays -

Akau Tangi Centre:   5pm-6.30pm  (Formerly the ASB Sports Centre)

72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie


- 7-aside games

- 2 consecutive games played per Saturday of 12 minute halves

- Goalkeepers introduced (no kicking out of the hands)

- Corner kicks introduced

- Throw ins introduced

- Unlimited rolling substitutions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Trainings involve

- More ball based training to progress on ball control

- More technical skills

- Drills and small sided games specifically designed to practice new skills 

- Awareness and understanding positioning in relation to others on field

- Game strategies and introducing simple set pieces



10am  v  Wests Leopards

10.35am  v  Tawa Phoenix


Coach                       Adam Bertos

Assistant Coach     George Bertos

Marco Bertos

Callum Best

Lachlan Best

​​​​​​​Liam Chen

Freddy Curtin

Luke Goodhue

Alfie Hales

George Makris

Luca Willis



Round 1

R1   v   Wests Leopards            Win:     5-0

R2  v   Miramar Eagles             Win:     4-1

R3   v  Tawa Centaurs              Cancelled

R4   v  WKAFC Karearea         Cancelled

R5  v   Onslow Amapurs          Win:     7-1

R6  v   Onslow Krishnas           Win:     3-2

R7  v   NW Soccer Bros            Draw:   1-1

R8  v   Miramar Eagles             Win:     3-1

R9  v   Tawa Centaurs              Cancelled

R10 v  WKAFC Karearea          Cancelled 

Winners Round 1

Round 2

R1   v  Wests Leopards              Win:    3-2

R2  v  WKAFC Karearea            Win:    2-1

R3  v  Onslow Krishnas             Win:    5-1

R4  v  WKAFC Hokoi                  Win:   7-0

R5  v  Tawa Centaurs                 Loss :  2-3

R6  v  Onslow Izards                  Win:   6-0

R7  v  NW Soccer Bros              Win:   6-0

R8  v WKAFC Karearea             Loss:   1-3

R9  v  Onslow Krishnas             Draw:  1-1

R10 v  WKAFC Hokoi                 Draw:  2-2

Round 3

R1  v  WKAFC Karearea             Win:   4-0

R2  v  Onslow Krishnas             Win:   4-0

R3  v Tawa Centaurs                  Win:   3-2

R4 v WKAFC Hokioi.                  Cancelled 

R5  v Wests Leopards                Win:  7-0

R6  v Island Bay Tigersharks    Win:  5-0

R7  v Miramar Eagles                 Win:  5-0

R8  v Onslow Krishnas               Win:  1-0

​​​​​​​Winners Round 3


Round 4

R1   v  Miramar Eagles               Draw: 0-0

R2  v  Tawa Centaurs                 Loss:   2-5   

R3  v  Miramar Eagles                Win:   3-2

R4  v  NW Soccer Bros               Win:  4-2  




Since the start of the season we have been working hard with our young players on positioning when we play, control of the ball, using our weak foot.

Throughout the season the boys have been learning to gel as it is their first season together. They’ve played some exciting football and are progressing well. We’ve had a couple of bumps in the road but as a team they are really working hard for each other, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them as they go through the grades together.

Last weekend saw us play Miramar and Onslow. Against Miramar the boys came out raring to go and ready to play some footy. We went 1-0 up in the first half and the game was fairly even going in to the break. Miramar came out with a totally different team in the second half and the boys ran away with the win as they overpowered Miramar to the final whistle. Game ended 5-0. We had a tougher match against Onslow. Throughout the game the boys dominated possession and kept a cool head under pressure. We ended the game finishing 2-0 winners capping off a good week. This weekend we are looking to do the same and continue our winning ways by finishing strong through to the end of the season.

The parents and supporters on the sideline have been nothing but amazing as they continuously give positive reinforcement to the boys to help them stay on task and not lose themselves when their backs are against the wall.

Well done boys - lets finish STRONG!


​​​​​​​Our thanks to Dad, Harry Chen, for the following photos and video clips....

Ballboy duty for Olympic's 1st team against the Phoenix Reserves, Friday 14 July 2023

Callum, Lachlan, Freddy, Luke, Liam and Boyu


​​​​​​​LOSS: 2-3


WIN:  6-0


LOSS: 0-1


​​​​​​​DRAW: 1-1


DRAW: 2-2