Olympic Poseidon is under the care of two incredible players who both been part of breaking records and making history for the Club.

Wellington Olympic has always been the only Club for Anthony and Samuel, both growing up in the Club from their junior days, throughout their youth, and into senior football years.

Whilst 1st team players, Olympic became Chatham Cup Champions in 2009, Central League Champions in 2010, 2021 and 2022, Southern League National runner up in 2021 and National League runner up in 2022, and the first time a Club has been involved in the OFC Championship League Playoffs at the beginning of this year.  Poseidon's youngsters have a lot to look up to, and a lot to learn from Anthony and Samuel.

Loving the game includes enjoying the experience.  To build on what they already know, the players are put through their paces through fun games and drills to help them practice and fine-tune new football skills and techniques the coaches have introduced at trainings, and to give the players the opportunity of incorporating these into their competitive games.

Results at this age is not the priority (although always something the players strive for), instead, the coaches' priority is to ensure that each of the players have a solid football foundation, to be comfortable with the ball at their feet, holding and running with the ball and passing it accurately.  They need to understand and be aware of their own positioning on the field, and where best to move to, to assist their team mates. Team strategies and set pieces slowly come into play and play a huge part of their game and helps them bond and play as a team.

Olympic Poseidon is in good hands...

NZF Junior Football Regulations:

Mini Football (u11 and u12)

  • 9 vs 9
  • 1 x 60 minute game (option for 2 x 30 minute games)

All football rules are now implemented into their games. Skills introduced are now more advanced.

Mini Football moves from the street-style, free-flowing Fun Football, to a more training based requirement.  There is more emphasis on ball control as players become more confident with stopping the ball, dribbling and passing, as well as becoming a more strategic experience.

Results are not as important as players growing into footballers.  The Mini Football programme is a time when players seek to improve and progress their individual skills as well as understanding team work. 

Players continue to build on football skills and techniques, progressing their football awareness and their confidence as players.  As they practice and become proficient with new drills, the more players incorporate new skills into their games and build their confidence, allowing for them to enjoy their sport and have fun.



Wakefield Park:   5pm-6pm  


Akau Tangi Sports Centre:  (formerly the ASB Sports Centre)   4.30pm-5.30pm  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Any queries relating to U11s, please contact Samuel Mitrakas at  samuel@olympicafc.org.nz  or please feel free to talk to Samuel either before after the training sessions.


 v  NORTH WELLINGTON WOLVES  -  Liardet 3,  10am


Aardash Bhandari

Max Boys

Blake Far

Jacob Foubister

Kena Gedefa

Michael Hatzilamprou

Andonis Neonakis

Jack Riley

Avi Singh

Austin Steele

Ari Niko Tsinas

Oscar Wilton

Thomas Woodward

Roger Zhang