​​​​​​​A word from the Coach - Gianni Bouzoukis:

After a great season last year as the U8s Spartans Coach, I am looking forward to taking the U9 Atlas team and stepping up from Fun Football to Mini Football and progressing the players knowledge and understanding of the football skills and techniques required at this level.

Results may not always go our way, in the short time the team has been together, it is great to see all the players actively participating and enjoying their time at training sessions and at the games.

As the weeks go on, players will start to show great improvement in their technical abilities as well as their growing confidence.  Playing as a team and learning their role in the team will also help in more structured games, making them more competitive, and allowing them to see the positive results and how far they can go.

Atlas is one of two U9s teams playing in the Wellington/Western League, playing in Red grade.

I would like to thank all the parents, family and friends who come and support the team - it means alot to the players to have you on the sidelines cheering them on!

Mini-Football - Quick Summary:

- 7-aside games

- 2 consecutive games played per Saturday of 12 minute halves

- Goalkeepers introduced (no kicking out of the hands)

- Corner kicks introduced

- Throw ins introduced

- Unlimited rolling substitutions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Training Sessions:

Mondays:    Wakefield Park:   4pm-6pm

Wednesdays:   Akau Tangi Sports Centre: (formerly ASB Sports Centre)     4pm-5pm  

Rear:   Gianni Bouzoukis - Coach

Front L-R:  Larson Kadesi; Eddie Fletcher; Maran Chauvel; Kaku Gedefa; Myles Eggers; Peyton Agifili; Yasmeen Mouroukis; Darsh Rathod; Gabriel Moke


​​​​​​​Round 1

R1:  v Tawa Hounds           Win:      3-1

R2:  v Wests Marlins          Loss:     0-9

R3:  v Wests Mako            Win:       4-3

​​​​​​​R4:  v NW Asteroids          Loss:     1-4

R5:  v WKAFC Kokako      Loss:     0-6

R6:  v BNU Typhoons        Loss:     0-4

R7:  v  NW Neptunes         Draw:    3-3

​​​​​​​R8:  v  Wests Marlins         Loss:    1-6

R9:  v  Wests Mako            Win :    2-0

​​​​​​​R10: v NW Asteroids          Loss:    0-3


​​​​​​​Round 2

R1:   v NW Suns                 Win:    4-2

R2:   v BNU Typhoons        Win:    4-0

R3:   v Game Cancelled

R4:   v Game Cancelled 

R5:   v IBU Kingfish             Win:    6-0

R6:   v NW Neptunes           Loss:  0-2

R7:   v NW Stars                  Loss:  0-1

R8:   v BNU Typhoons         Loss:  0-3

R9:   v Onslow Karamu        Loss:  0-5

R10: v WKAFC Kokako        Loss:  2-5


Tanera Park​​​​​​​

1.  v Wests Tornadoes  -  8.45am  -  Field 2

2.  v NW Suns  -  9.20am  -  Field 1

​​​​​​​Grounds and times are subject to change.   Please check Fixtures on this website to confirm time and venue.

Round 3

R1:   v Wests Swordfish       Loss:   0-1

R2:   v NW Suns                   Win:    1-2

R3:   v Wests Orcas             Loss:  0-4

R4:   v Seatoun Eagles        Loss:  8-2

R5:   v Tawa Spaniels          Loss:  1-3

R6:   v IBU Leopardsharks   Loss:  0-4

R7:   v Tawa Hounds            Loss:  0-2

R8:   v NW Suns                   Game Cancelled