Wellington Division 1


Division 2 Champions in 2021 and gaining promotion to Division 1 for the 2022 season, Capital 4ths (formerly known as Cosmos and Golds) are back with the best of our former Olympic Masters' alongside our younger Senior players

COACHES:              Adam Bertos

ASST COACH:        Michael Androutsos

MANAGER:             Demetre Kotrotsos


       2023 Squad:

​​​​​​​              - Anthony Androutsos

              - Michael Androutsos

              - Marcos Apostolakis

              - Peter Barbarouses

              - Adam Bertos

              - Loukas Bertos

              - Paris Bertos

              - Anton Di Leva

              - Jett Dunn

              - Max Egan

              - Hamish Elliot (Patel)

              - Giles Foubister 

              - Nick Gerondis

              - Seb Halikias​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​              - Stelios Hatzilamprou

              - Toro Hill

​​​​​​​              - Demetre Kotrotsos

              - Jonathan Kotrotsos

              - Jonny Nanguzgambo

              - Rithwick Negi

              - Miguel Ortega

              - Achilleus Papadopoulos

              - Dimitri Poulopoulos

              - Rosh Rai

              - Malik Ryniker

              - Zac Serepisos

              - La Bron Smith

              - Nick Tsalis

RESULTS - Round 1

R1:  14/4 -  v Tawa Bears                               Win:   5-1        Goalscorers:    Jett Dunn x2; Hamish Elliot; Peter Barbarouses

R2:  21/4 -  v Tawa Aces                                Win:   5-0       Goalscorers:    Jett Dunn x2; Peter Barbarouses x2; La Bron Smith

R3:    1/5 -  v Porirua St Germain                Win:   2-1        Goalscorers:    Anthony Neonakis; Anthony Androutsos

R4:   6/5 -  v Karori Boomers                      Draw: 3-3        Goalscorers:   Jett Dunn; Hamish Elliot; Nick Gerondis

R5:  12/5 -  v Miramar Barons 1st                Win:   3-2        Goalscorers:   Seb Halikias; Rosh Rai; Demetre Kotrotsos

R6:  22/5 - v NW Marrons                             Win:  9-1         Goalscorers:   Demetre Kotrotsos x2; Jett Dunn x2; Hamish Elliot; Seb Halikias; Nick Gerondis; Michael Androutsos

R7:  27/5 - v Island Bay Bush Pigs             Win:   3-2        Goalscorers:    Michael Androutsos; Jett Dunn; Zac Serepisos

R8:  5/6  -  v Karori Sealords                        Win:   2-1         Goalscorers:   Jett Dunn x2

R9:  9/6  -  v NW Phoenix                             Win:  4-2        Goalscorers:  Jett Dunn x 3; Nick Tsalis


RESULTS - Round 2

R10: 23/6  - v Karori Sealords                       Win:  3-2        Goalscorers:   Jett Dunn; Michael Androutsos; Anthony Androutsos​​​​​​

R11:  3/7    - v NW Phoenix                            Win:  6-0       Goalscorers:   Jett Dunn x2; La Bron Smith x2; Anthony Androutsos; Rosh Rai

R12: 8/7    - v Miramar Barons                     Win:  5-3        Goalscorers:  Anthony Androutsos; Michael Androutsos; Adam Bertos   

R13: 22/7  - BYE 

R14: 28/7 - v Tawa Bears                              Win:  10-0      Goalscorers:  Rosh Rai x3; Michael Androutsos x2; Jett Dunn; Le Bron Smith; Peter Barbarouses; Anton Di Leva; Stelios Hatzilamprou  

R15: 5/8   - v Porirua St Germain                Draw: 4-4      Goalscorers:  Jett Dunn x3; Rosh Rai

R16: 11/8  - v Karori Boomers                       Win:    3-1       Goalscorers:  Nick Gerondis; Anthony Androutsos; Adam Bertos 

R17: 18/8 - v Lower Hutt Fourplay              Win:   4-2      Goalscorers:  Jett Dunn x2; Michael Androutsos; Dimitri Poulopoulos


Congratulations to Adam, Michael, Demetre and the entire Olympic 4ths!! 


23 April 2023

Our first two games of the season have started off really well and I’m pleased with the lads’ effort and commitment so early on. Everyone is playing their role in the team well.

We have a few new faces this season and we welcome Malik, Jono, Hamish, Peter and our youngest new recruit, La Bron.  Also welcome back to all the rest of our loyal lads for another season of footy.

The two games we’ve played so far were against the two Tawa teams in our league. The first game was a 5-1 win away. Although the team played with 10 men for 60 minutes of the game, we managed to score 3 more times. It shows the quality we have in the team this season.  

For our second game, it was our first home game of the season and we started off in blinding fashion. High pressing and great forward momentum throughout the first half. The lads controlled the game from start to finish and this reflected in our 5-0 win. Well done to Jett STAR and P DIDDY Barbs. Both starting off their campaigns in glorious form with 4 and 3 goals respectively.

Our next game is a big game for us as we will be facing a high scoring Porirua St Germain side. The top attacking side vs the best defensive side in the league. A game we are ready to win!

For the club. For the team. For the future.

17 June 2023

With the conclusion of the first half of the season, we are proud to say we have WON THE LEAGUE!

Now you're thinking "Oh, but you said "first half of the season", how have you won the league?  Well in Wellington 1, the division resets after the first 9 games and therefore we start again on 0 points from this weekend!

And although we are the Champions of the first half of the season, we cannot get promoted to Capital 4 being directly above us.  Otherwise we would have been, just like the rest of the Wellington leagues.  The team has come along way from the Theo Kappatos/Cosmos days and now sits amongst the best social teams in the City!

This team and these boys have had great culture and chemistry for the entire season.  Each and every player has stepped up when required; this includes to play out of position, play while injured or score important goals.  With this attitude we boast 8 wins and 1 draw, catapulting us to top spot.  Every single player deserves a reward for the way they have played and bonded with one another!!

A special shout out goes to Efron aka Zakaria and our South American influencer, Mister Nike Casemiro, for their goals and leadership over the last few weeks!  Toro and Anthony for rising up to the call and doing a shift in goals when needed!  RR9 Roshy G and Mikey Busquets for their match winning goals in the dying moments of the games to turn draws into wins, and the Walking Wounded DK, Bertos, Giles, Tsalis and Jonny for their support.  We also love and to thank our supporters for coming and braving the weather for a good turnout for most games!  We could not do this without you!!

We hope to continue this momentum into the second half of the season and with the league twice in a season, therefore completing the League Double!

7 August 2023

What a bunch of LADS! This season has been the best so far with the lads and the new faces that have come into the team.

There’s been a great amount of positivity in the group, and it shows through the results we’ve had thus far into the season. We won the 1st Round league and now closing in on doing the double for the season. We played a great game against Miramar a few weeks back with a 5-3 win. That game put us in good stead for the future rounds that were to come.

The standard for our season generally starts off great then as the winter starts coming in, we are always seeing some of the lads go on vacation namely our manager/coach Demetre Arsene Wenger Kotrotsos who said to us all he wasn’t going away this year. I would say we have missed our striker but, this is not the case with Roshi RR9 stepping up to the plate and slotting home goals at will. Even producing a hattrick against Tawa.

A shining light this season has been our attacking maestro Jett Boy, who has delivered week in, week out for the team. He has been a huge figure in keeping our team on track to an undefeated season and it showed last weekend when he scored a hattrick to keep us on task against Porirua FC. As far as I’m aware he is top goal scorer for the club so far with 21 in the bag. With 2 games left let’s hope we get him to 25-29 goals for the season. That’ll be some feat.

As for the rest of the lads. Everyone has been putting in some amazing shifts including our team captain Mikey Iniesta Androutsos who, even though was sick in bed. turned up and played 90 last weekend. Amazing stuff.

Mikey wasn’t the only one that turned up sick as Nicky G did the same. Came on in the last 15 to solidify the back line as all our CB’s decided to have the weekend off together.

Well done to the lads but, our job is not finished yet. We have 3 games to go in the season and am looking forward to us finishing strong.

Let’s bring the winner’s trophy home!


16 September 2023

What a season!

We started off with a bang and never looked back.

Round 1 saw us really start to gel and dominate possession.  The only thing we were lacking was a Keeper.  Thankfully our scout, big Georgie Mitrakas, came through in the transfer window and we signed what was to be the final piece of the puzzle.  This gargantuan lad who hadn't played footy for a few years decided to put the gloves back on.  Sam "the last man" Porter came into the fold and slotted into our dynamic team seamlessly and it made a cracking finish to our season.

With half our team flying out on holiday for the second half of the season it meant we had to really put on a show and the lads didn't let me down.  We knew it was going to be a journey and what an end to a great season.  Two trophies and finishing our last game on a high with a win against Seatoun.  Well done lads!

We look forward to playing in Cap 4 next season and working just as hard to keep the undefeated dream alive.

RIP Demetre Kotrotsos - we have a replacement manager for next season to take us to the next level, he goes by many names, eg, "the goose that laid the golden egg", the only pirate of Olympic - THEO KAPPATOSSSSS.

Lol Jokes Bro....

Well done lads!  Baba is immensely proud of you all for showing up week in, week out for the team.

Just love this [expletive] Club!!