Wellington Division 1


Division 2 Champions in 2021 and gaining promotion to Division 1 for the 2022 season, Capital 4ths (formerly known as Cosmos and Golds) are back with the best of our former Olympic Masters' alongside our younger Senior players

COACHES:              Demetre Kotrotsos                                             Adam Bertos

ASST COACH:        Michael Androutsos


       2023 Squad:

​​​​​​​              - Anthony Androutsos

              - Michael Androutsos

              - Marcos Apostolakis

              - Peter Barbarouses

              - Adam Bertos

              - Loukas Bertos

              - Paris Bertos

              - Anton Di Leva

              - Jett Dunn

              - Max Egan

              - Hamish Elliot (Patel)

              - Giles Foubister 

              - Nick Gerondis

              - Seb Halikias​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​              - Stelios Hatzilamprou

              - Toro Hill

​​​​​​​              - Demetre Kotrotsos

              - Jonathan Kotrotsos

              - Jonny Nanguzgambo

              - Rithwick Negi

              - Miguel Ortega

              - Achilleus Papadopoulos

              - Dimitri Poulopoulos

              - Rosh Rai

              - Malik Ryniker

              - Zac Serepisos

              - La Bron Smith

              - Nick Tsalis


R1:  14/4 -  v Tawa Bears                               Win:   5-1        Goalscorers:    Jett Dunn x2; Hamish Elliot; Peter Barbarouses

R2:  21/4 -  v Tawa Aces                                Win:   5-0       Goalscorers:    Jett Dunn x2; Peter Barbarouses x2; La Bron Smith

R3:    1/5 -  v Porirua St Germain                Win:   2-1        Goalscorers:    Anthony Neonakis; Anthony Androutsos

R4:   6/5 -  v Karori Boomers                      Draw: 3-3        Goalscorers:   Jett Dunn; Hamish Elliot; Nick Gerondis

R5:  12/5 -  v Miramar Barons 1st                Win:   3-2        Goalscorers:   Seb Halikias; Rosh Rai; Demetre Kotrotsos

R6:  22/5 - v NW Marrons                             Win:  9-1         Goalscorers:   Demetre Kotrotsos x2; Jett Dunn x2; Hamish Elliot; Seb Halikias; Nick Gerondis; Michael Androutsos

R7:  27/5 - v Island Bay Bush Pigs             Win:   3-2        Goalscorers:    Michael Androutsos; Jett Dunn; Zac Serepisos 


23 April 2023

Our first two games of the season have started off really well and I’m pleased with the lads’ effort and commitment so early on. Everyone is playing their role in the team well.

We have a few new faces this season and we welcome Malik, Jono, Hamish, Peter and our youngest new recruit, La Bron.  Also welcome back to all the rest of our loyal lads for another season of footy.

The two games we’ve played so far were against the two Tawa teams in our league. The first game was a 5-1 win away. Although the team played with 10 men for 60 minutes of the game, we managed to score 3 more times. It shows the quality we have in the team this season.  

For our second game, it was our first home game of the season and we started off in blinding fashion. High pressing and great forward momentum throughout the first half. The lads controlled the game from start to finish and this reflected in our 5-0 win. Well done to Jett STAR and P DIDDY Barbs. Both starting off their campaigns in glorious form with 4 and 3 goals respectively.

Our next game is a big game for us as we will be facing a high scoring Porirua St Germain side. The top attacking side vs the best defensive side in the league. A game we are ready to win!

For the club. For the team. For the future.